New Folding Specs

FreeGo Folding is one of the best selling bikes in the UK, no small wonder, it is so well made and folds so easily but best of all – it sails up hills.

We have just sold the last of our 2015 models (with the 15.5mph hand throttle) and we are eagerly awaiting delivery of our 2016 model to arrive, this will feature the latest 4mph hand throttle to meet eu regulations, due any time now (end of February) we have just had great news from the factory, FreeGo have decided to fit the latest low speed/high torque motor from Bafang, we have already ridden Hawks and Wrens fitted with this motor so we know just how good it is, fitted with five levels of assistance (the old one had three) and new combined speedometer/odometer we will still be offering the long range 10ah battery or the ultra long range 16ah battery options.

The 10ah version at £999 comes with integrated LCD lighting, rear luggage rack, front suspension forks, front disc brakes, integrated kick stand, Shimano derailleur and comfort saddle.

Give us a call on 01432 850458 and be one of the first to test ride the new FreeGo Folding Electric Bikes.



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