FreeGo Folder

a1ca4-1172907_204088249960290_1119031877_nOn January 1st this year the UK Government adopted EU Regulations for electric bikes and that led to a number of changes to electric bikes made from that date on.

The main thrust of this was to ban the 15.5mph ‘twist & go’ throttle so beloved of many riders, really useful for a full power boost away from a standing start.

This is no place to debate the demise of this device, suffice to say that the FreeGo Folder, Hawk and Wren have all benefitted, FreeGo have fitted a motor with much more power from the moment the rider turns the pedal a quarter turn, the low down torque or grunt is brilliant, the bike picks up and the rider can feel the rear wheel mounted hub motor making light work of pulling away from a standing start. In order to temper that response FreeGo have upgrade the control console on the handlebars, earlier bikes offered three levels of assist, these latest versions offer five levels to give the rider the opportunity to finer tune the amount of motor assistance.

The new console also features a speedometer and odometer, for the folder a new, powerful magnetic clip to hold the bike in its folde position, all of the usual,FreeGo features remain, puncture resistant tyres, brake light, rear luggage rack, mudguards, kick stand and very bright led lighting as well as front suspension forks combined with Tektro brakes (front disc, rear v) and a six speed Shimano derailleur with trigger shift make this a really well specified and brilliantly built ebike, all for £999 for the 10ah version  longer range 16ah batteries are available as an extra cost option.

Available in Green, Red or Pewter colours, we always have a Folder in our demo stock, give us a call on 01432 850458 and come and have a go, try it on quiet, hilly roads near to our shop and see why we are not surprised that it is one of the best selling electric bikes in the UK.






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