All Torque?

The Wisper Torque range bikes look remarkably similar to the Wisper SE range but they cost almost 50% more – why?

The answer is in the way that they work, the way they ride and the additional range that they benefit from, with the SE range there is a very straightforward system for adding that extra power to your pedaling, turn the pedal through a quarter of a turn and a sensor on the pedal switches on the motor and gives you that extra oomph – you in turn adopt what we have come to term the ‘ebike smile’.

There are five levels of assistance (six if you count ‘off) 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100% of what the powerful motor can produce.

The Torque range adds another level of sophistication, instead of just recognising that you are turning the pedals it has another sensor incorporated into the crank and it works out how much effort you are putting into turning the pedal, the harder it is the more power it provides.

Both systems have their merits – cadence (pedal speed) is simple and very, very good, the vast majority of electric bikes worldwide work this way and it is cheap by eBike standards, the system used by Wisper is extremely well proven and amongst the very best available.

Torque adds a level of sophistication, if you need more help it works it out and and gives it, on the other hand if it realises that you need less help it tempers it and matches it to your need at that time, the benefits are two fold, for some it feels more natural – just like riding a normal bike but with supercharged legs, the other benefit is range, it only gives you what you need so if you are easy pedaling on the flat it inputs just enough power to help you along. You can still dial up 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100% etc and the torque sensor will simply adjust whether to give you all of the 20% or not, come to a very steep hill dial up assist level five and the torque sensor will work out how much of that 100% assistance you need and give it to you – instantly.

You have to ride them to appreciate the difference and to be frank, as far  as we can tell, the jury is out, a good many of of our customers love the full power boost of a cadence sensor and the incredible £999 value of an SE and most don’t actually need the extra range of the Torque.

The Torque is more subtle in the way that it delivers the power and there a lot of keen riders who really enjoy feeling that they have an extra powerful set of legs again.

Which one do I prefer – well to be honest – my favourite electric bike is the one I am on at any given time, if you see a bike in our showroom it is there because we like it, come on down and ride a few, see which one fits and works for you, don’t take any notice of me, see which one you like, come and see why we call it the eBike smile.

We have Stepthroughs (some people call them ladies) and Crossbar electric bikes in stock for you to come and ride – we can bring bikes to you as well.

The Wisper 905 Torque:



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