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Two new electric bikes arrived from FreeGo this week, both named Martins we took delivery of a Martin City Crossbar in blue & red which disappointed me because the prototype I had tried and ordered from was orange & light blue – Gulf Racing colours in other words but FreeGo went for mid blue & mid red – understandably conservative.
The other Martin to arrive was the Sport, the City is a Roadster, the Sport is a Trail Bike, it looks like an MTB but sensibly carries a sticker telling you not to treat it like a real off road ear. The Sport is available in fluorescent green or in a rather nice ‘stealth grey’ with bright green flashes.


Both bikes come with the same Bafang Crank Motor, handlebar control system and speedo/lcd display console. They are very different bikes though, the Sport features ‘crow bar’ straight handlebars and a more compact frame than the City which feels larger, the higher riding position of the City and the road tyres make for a totally different ride to the lower Sport with its ‘blocky’, grippy tyres, the battery for the City is mounted in the integral luggage rack whereas the Sport mounts its battery Bosch style on the angled bottom bar.

I suppose the lower riding position combined with the central battery mounting position make the Sport feel more wieldy & nippy than the City which feels as though it is longer legged and better suited for longer commutes.

These are nice bikes – top of the range from FreeGo with high quality components and the Bafang centre drive really is a nice motor, five levels of assistance, eight speed derailleur (Shimano of course), hydraulic Tektro disc brakes front and rear, Selle gel saddles and seat suspension, front shockers of course, lights, mudguards on the City and Crud Catcher style guards on the Sport, alloy frames, stainless fixings intelligent battery chargers – the list goes on, they also benefit from that famous a FreeGo guarantee as well by the way, not to forget the interest free finance option.




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