Stealth or Alamo

These new lightweight (by eBike standards) from Kudos are pretty well groundbreaking at their £935 price point, weighing in at 19.2 kg and fitted with low profile batteries, Kudos have gone for a rear hub motor that has less low speed torque than the unbeatable BPM model that features on so many of their bikes  to save weight, coupled to a 46 tooth chainring and 8 speed cassette this is a light, fast ebike aimed at riders with an eye on speed – with ease….

Dont kid yourself, high spec Shimano rim brakes to save weight, Shimano  8 speed Agura derailleur, 6061-T6 frame, this is an eBike that is quick, lithe and fun – without sacrificing range, that hard to spot, low profile battery has a 36v – 11.6ah battery with industry standard Samsung cells.

Stealth is grey, Alamo is khaki  More details here

Remember though – no amount of words or pictures will give you the full picture, come and have a go on one.








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