Introducing Kudos eBikes, a long established UK company with a reputation for delivering great bikes and competitive pricing.

Our first three Kudos demonstrators have arrived, the Vita Uno is an interesting eBike and the price is pretty unbelievable, every time we ride it we are given to wondering how Kudos can build such a good bike for the money, it has a Bafang 8fun motor, that means high torque at low speeds (good at pulling off at the lights or climbing steep hills), a big, Samsung battery, 21 gears and disc brakes £840 in stripped down off road style or £875 with mudguards, kickstand and lights.

The Stealth is their newest launch, it’s light, has a low profile battery, 8 gears and high gearing with a 46 tooth chainring,  6 levels of assistance and that Bafang 8fun motor, it’s designed for speed with skinny wheels and tyres but on an 18 mile run with a really steep and challenging set of hills the Stealth showed its mettle when asked to deliver outside of its comfort zone, this bike is a winner, setting new standards for sub £1000 ebikes (£935 rrp), good range, it dropped 3 of its five bars in that really challenging 18 mile ride and great to look at

The Tornado, the best seller for Kudos and it is easy to see why, the motor fitted in the rear hub of the Tornado is about as torquey as hub motors can legally go in Europe, this is the 250watt Bafang BPM, a proven hill climb winner, Samsung bottle battery, Shimano Disc Brakes, 24 gears, front shockers and a weight of just 22kg including the battery, you feel the power as soon as you pull off, this bike is gutsy, if it’s power you want then Tornado will deliver it…,£1095 in stripped down down form, add lights, mudguards and a kickstand for £35.40.

It comes with puncture resistant tyres but we add WheelGoo for even more protection by the way and we don’t charge you for it




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