A Pain in the Backside?

One of the questions that everybody needs answered about their prospective eBike purchase is ‘how far will it go?’ – this is an interesting one because it depends on how much you are prepared to join in.

The more you join in the further your eBike will go and the more you ride it the fitter you get and the more you enjoy it, learn how to use it to best advantage etc the further you will want it to go.

An eBike costs more than an ordinary bike but you will ride it and enjoy it more.

All of the companies that we deal with fit very good saddles, most of the tourers have nice gel saddles, the sportier ones go for the slimmer racing designs but I haven’t come across one with a bad saddle yet.

But, just as my range increases so is my age and I am conscious that I am spending many more hours in the saddle resting on a part of me that is well known for giving a lot of us old fellas a few difficulties.

We have put some sample saddles in stock from a British company called Rido, having read complimentary reviews from some of the big names in UK cycling we thought we would try them.

i have been riding the R2 version, the sort you would use for touring or commuting, a couple of 20 odd mile rides have revealed a few things, first is that you do have to get used to them and think about how you set them up.

The idea is to tilt the front of the saddle down slightly, that way you end up putting your weight on your sit bones rather than your perineum, this seemed odd at first but I soon became very accustomed to it and found myself actively pushing my weight back onto them occasionally, the padding for the sit bones is built up and feels quite hard to the touch but it works and I didn’t encounter that moment when, after doing 20 miles or so I had to brace myself when I lifted my bum from the saddle.

i haven’t tried the RLT ‘racing’ saddle yet but I will be giving it a go as soon as I get back into the swing of riding one of the MTB style eBikes again.

We have the demo saddles in stock and if you want to try one give us a call on 01432 850458 and we will let you have a go, priced at under £50 for the R2 and about £63 for the featherweight RLT.


The R2 Saddle available in tan or black




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