Actual European eBikes – sort of

Batribike enjoy a long history in the U.K. Ebike market, they’ve been around for 10 years which is a long time in the electric bike market.

They have been selling eBikes imported from the Far East some fully assembled there and some with final assembly here in the U.K. but in 2016 they made a fundamental change to their bike sourcing arrangements and signed up with a company in Lithuania, Baltik  Vairas is not a company which instantly springs to mind when ebike manufacturing is being discussed but that’s where the bikes are being built – we’ve just received our first 2017 model year Batribike – Perdu and its good – very good – the quality is tangible and the ride is superb. Not content with going for a European bike builder Batribike went for a Danish power system – ProMovec isn’t just well known in Denmark it’s built a reputation in Germany (in fact it sells so well in Germany it has established a base there as well), Sweden and in the most demanding market there is – Holland, its not until you ride a ProMovec powered bike that you realise why they make so much of their patented software and drive systems, the manufacturing is still carried out in the Far East but the design is pure Danish.

Batribike have really gone for it with this range, they are not the cheapest bikes on the market but the quality and the design is superb, when you get on one and ride it you realise that these are subtle bikes, the power input arrives without a jolt, a friendly but firm hand in your back.


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